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    Declan & Didge Stingray, Dylan, Janae, Janelle, Bree. Susan, Karl, Zeke. Rebecca, Paul & Elle.
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    Karl: (rumaging through Paul's bushesS) ...that bird has been a big part of this family's lives for many years, I will not rest until I get some answers. Lucas: What's going on here? Paul: Well Karl here has accused Cat of eating his bird Lucas: Ah.. it wouldn't suprise me, that things got an evil streak Paul: Who's side are you on? Lucas: The side of truth... and justice. (ep.5929)
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  1. Yup, I'm still here! I need someone to share the decget love so glad you're back!

  2. Hey Soph, are you still around? I haven't been on NFans in months (bad fan!)

  3. has officially finished my degree!! (well classes.. I still have exams) :)

  4. is watching the Oscars live. It's soo late, student life ftw!

  5. *Virtual high five back* Hell yeah! With avvies, fic and good old gushing decget need never die! (I am only ever this cheesy with that couple!)

  6. yep, we can totally keep it going! haha *virtual high five*

  7. Oh, and I LOVE your picture as well! That scene is so gorgeous!

  8. Hi! Yeah, I still love our thread, I really don't want it to die! Didge and Dec may have gone but we can always gush and debate over their storylines (I love a good debateĀ¬!)

  9. hey! So glad you're still about in the Decget thread, not just me on my own :D

  10. thoughts are with those in Christ Church NZ. Hope everyone is safe!

    1. suzannelgnz


      I'm watching live TV footage, and it's just absolute carnage! Multiple deaths have been reported.

    2. suzannelgnz


      Will Post more in news!

  11. a little bit addicted to Lady Gaga's new song.

    1. Hawker


      Gayest song ever!

    2. sammii


      its Madonna Express Yourself 2011!! If I was her, I'd gear myself up for a lawsuit

  12. Sam Clark is on The Wright Stuff on Five right now if anyone's interested :)

  13. Hey hun! Thanks for the message! Glad that you like Jane Austen, Twilight and Glee :) I love finding people with the same interests!

    have a good day!

    Paris xoxox

  14. Hey Geo, yeah I think they make such a sweet couple...I thought I was the only one as well lol

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