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    The Timmins/Rebecchi/Reeves Clan, Allan, Pepper, Rosie, Frazer, Ringo, Declan, Rebecca, Susan, Libby, Steph, Dee, Dan, Harold, Sky, Joe Mangel, Serena, Callum
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    Harold notices Tad with one of his records. TAD: Out of all my things, this is probably the most important to me, and I'd just like to know it's here with you. HAROLD: Right, then you're going to have to come back then for it aren't you? He pauses. HAROLD: There's something I want to say. I just want to thank you for staying here, when Madge left us. I know there were times when you didn't want to be here; times when I was very selfish or unforgiving.... TAD: No way, Harold. I could never, ever come close, to giving you what you've given me, ever. So thank you. They hug, as I turn into a blubbering mess. HAROLD: Not a Timmins left in the street. It breaks my heart.
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    Spoiler Junkie
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    Newcastle, Australia
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    Film & Television, Neighbours, Gossip Girl, Music, Pete Murray (my absolute fave singer), Travel, Culture, Shopping, Fashion, Jewellery, Photography, Icon Making, Fandom Shipping, Reading, Writing, Sport, Playing Netball, Going Out With My Family & Friends and of course my three cats who I adore.
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    Thanks very much Sal for all of your hard work
  2. Thanks so much for all of your hard work Sal, it's very much appriciated
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    Thanks very much Sal
  4. Fantastic job everyone, really well done
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    Thanks Elin
  6. Keira, I like your Personal photo, its cute

  7. Coolies! Thanks for the welcoming by the way.

  8. Hey Georgia, hehe that's fine I havn't got a problem with it, welcome to the board

    Keira xo

  9. Haha this is a coincidence ok? I named Frosie's baby in one of my fan fics Keira, its only a coincidence, I got the name from the T.V show Reba

  10. Hey, no not all you're on my friend list as well.

    Keira xo

  11. Thanks for adding me as a friend x. I've added you as well. Hope you don't mind.

  12. Happy Birthday Neighboursfans. Here's to many more to come Well done Sal and the team for running such a great forum for all of us to log on and enjoy
  13. Thanks for it bringing back, they're good fun to read
  14. Thanks for your help with uploading avatars :D.

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