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  1. Wow! Well done G & G! Definitely time for a and a pat on the back for each of you. Gaynor you are just a summary machine! A.Maze.Ing.
  2. Thanks for all your hard work Gaynor and Sal! You both earn many s I hope Sal is suitably compensated for all the hassle. Turns out it was an excellent week Aus pace episode wise for this to happen :yawn:
  3. Happy Birthday Board and Happy Birthday Neighbours! I'm so glad there's not a counter that shows how much time I've spent on here, but hey! It keeps me off the streets ; Thanks for giving us an online home Sal, and for all the work you and the other staff do to keep it going
  4. Happy New Year Kiwis and Aussies!

  5. Jubilant felicitations of good will, neighbourliness and mince pies to all!

  6. Santa will be delivering presents in Melbourne in 30 seconds. Merry Christmas Ramsay Street (and other residents of Melbourne)

    1. Carly


      Yay, that's me! I better go to sleep...

    2. ~Em~


      I think he'd been and gone by the time you posted that comment Carly. Hope he didn't miss you!!

  7. has cold feet. Physically, not metaphorically.

  8. ~Em~

    UPGRADE - 16/09

    I think my computer must just be throwing the odd tantrum because I'm having no Java problems at the moment. Maybe it prefers blue!
  9. ~Em~

    UPGRADE - 16/09

    Ummm...Sal, the Java plug ins fatal error message has started coming up again today. Any idea what could be causing this?
  10. Seems to have gone now thankfully. Just kept happening every time I loaded a new page for two visits. My computer is getting old and slow and apparently intollerant of change...

    Cool update though! You must be knackered!

  11. Er, eek - that's a bit worrying. Still happening or was it a one off?

  12. Thanks Sal. This will no doubt give me the kick up the backside I need to empty my inbox!
  13. Can banned members still view the board, just not post? It's just I see the member in question is online now.
  14. Wow Jack, some of those morphs show uncanny resemblences between some of the characters, particularly the ones "related" to one another. Whatever we might say about crazy continuity, at least Neighbours generally gets it right when putting families together. Sounds like a plan Sal, lucky I have just the right 4 year old picture lurking somewhere on my computer!
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