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  1. How ya doing girly?

    Hope all is cool and dandy in your life.

    Mwahs xoxo

  2. Loved my name but I was originally skana4eva
  3. *licks*

    um... hi!

  4. aww thank you lol! youre really pretty too!


  5. aww aren't you a pretty lil thing!

  6. thnx bbe now we can get 2 no each other lol

  7. ur welcome babe can I add u as a freind please

  8. cool I didnt no that so no I avent lol

    I agree with purplejumper ure sunglasses are awesome and so is the pic its self and I love it

  9. hehe your name is like the comedian.. except his is Danny Bhoy. Did you do that on purpose?

  10. Aww thanks Rosie! xx

    I don't actually have them anymore :( they broke! I had to buy some more big black ones *sigh*

    and u like Dr who? awesome. David Tennant is love....

  11. Hi!

    Just thought I'd say how what awesome sunglasses u have on in your pic :D

    Rosie xox

  12. I love the scrubs quote in your sig.. it cracks me up! Scrubs= sheer Brilliance

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