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    Michelle, Boyd, Heather, Sky, Summer, Rachel, Stingray, Janae, Bree, Zeke, Kayla, Flic, Nina, Lana, Connor, Susan, Janelle, Kim, Mishka, Libby, Taj, Didge, Declan
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    The only person I can ever be is me!
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    Can't decide!
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    Neighbours, Amateur Dramatics, music, canoeing, archery, abseiling, rifle shooting, camping, hill walking.

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  1. Avatars are offline at the moment because the new software doesn't allow them and Sal has got to try and find/write a patch to allow them again. In the mean time if you are a subscriber you can upload your own picture/avatar, by clicking on your name at the top, clicking on My settings and then clicking on Change my photo under general account settings. If you are not a subscirber then you will have to wait until Sal comes up with a solution, or consider subscribing, It's cheap, there...

    1. neighbours fan 1986

      neighbours fan 1986

      ...are lots of subscriber perks and you will be helping Sal to find the hundreds of pounds it costs each year to keep the site online, New software and server space/bandwidth don't pay for themselves! If you are interested in subscribing or would like to know more, click on the subscriptions link at the top!

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