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  1. Swanny

    Welcome back!

    Very nice, very nice Just wondering, would it be possible to have the forum ranking moved below the profile picture? It looks very out of place above the profile pic. Glad Nfans has finally upgraded to the new software. Gotta love new and shiny things.
  2. Hey Wizard, cheers for the add!

  3. Hey, cheers for the add :)

  4. Hopefully the upgrade will come, with a nice new look for the forum as well, and the return of an actual forum banner Tapatalk integration would be nice, for us mobile users (I know I have asked about twice now, but I'm still craving it for this forum...) Hahahaha, agreed!
  5. thanks for the extedned spoilers. You're a star!

    do you know if this weeks and last weeks TV WEEK scans will be put up?

  6. Hi Andrew, just a quick hello and to say thanks for all the extended spoilers you provide, are they any for next week or the following week?

    Where do you get the spoilers from?

  7. Last one's I've gotten were Sept 19-23, which I've posted. I always post them as soon as possible after I get them :)

  8. Hi Swanny, it's nice to have the forum back up. thanks for all your extended spoilers. Are they any for the last week of Sept?

  9. A FB page would definitely be great. It would be a great tie in too if the site is ever going to expand in the future to being more than an episode archive and forum. The FB page could definitely get more than 11 likes this time around as well, especially if its promoted on the main page and the forum.
  10. I probably shouldn't react - it's not good to feed trolls, but do you know what? The words 'stuffed' and 'get' spring to mind reading this and that's the polite version I love how you deleted the bottom bit of my post which said the said the same as everyone else is saying. As for the bit you quoted - it was meant light hearidtly (hence the floppies) so please don't asume my post was a personal attack. I'm glad the board is back and the last few days must be a nightmare for staff. I'd rather you ignore my posts in future if I offend you, rather than being rude. Without t
  11. Thanks for the add, how's it going?

  12. Happy birthday to Nfans and Neighbours
  13. so now that the status updates feature on here is more like FB, all we need is "like" pages, apps and quizzes. All in favour? :p

    1. Hawker


      Haha! :D


      I really need to finish this board upgrade, don't I?!

  14. Oh, I was referring to the Blue 3.1 theme being the "fluid skin", because it adjusts to your browser size/screen resolution rather than being fixed like the IP Board theme
  15. I love the fluid width theme, love how I go away for a while and come back and everything's changed, haha. So what exactly is changing in this upgrade? (once it's complete?)
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