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  1. That is pretty amazing! Jolly good show folks.
  2. Well done guys! I to your superior knowledge!
  3. recommends you don't make an awful cup of tea!

  4. Haw haw haw, I just couldn't be arsed filling in all of the stages! :D

  5. I returned home to an e-mail informing me that my subscription had run out so I eagerly resubscribed, forgetting that as a contributer it would demote me, any chance of becoming Contributer again?! <puppy dog eyes>
  6. Wow! Well done all contributers and Gaynor especially! Those 5 summaries a day obviously helped for the last wee push!
  7. Ta very muchly. And no bother about the support Sal, I'm happy to contribute.
  8. Excellent, just received the e-mail. ETA: No badge preferebly.
  9. I subscribed 19th December, and received a reciept on the 3rd.
  10. Sal have you received my payment yet?
  11. I've subscribed, having finally goten round to sorting out Paypal. Christmas present for you Sal.
  12. Thanks! I think it looks neater too, it kind of annoyed me seeing it!
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