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I Love Izzy Hoyland

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    Izzy Hoyland. No contest! Though I am a big fan of Rosetta Cammeniti, Paul Robinson and Pepper Steiger.
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    "At least I have two ankles"
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    Antonia Bashford
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    Spoiler Junkie
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    Middlesbrough, UK
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    Neighbours, Singing, Acting, Dancing, Being strange, Doing Stuff sometimes, but only when I can be arsed, Movies - THE LION KING, Being Toni. Myspace has become a big hobby of mine. Natalie Bassingthwaighte And Russell Brand Are The Sex! Rogue Traders rock!<br /><br />I'm pretty obsessed with Nat. I actually have every episode of Neighbours she's been in that's been shown on the BBC on my laptop as well as 4259 pictures of her... talk about obsessed! lol. Aw, I loves my Izzy

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  1. hey there! I'm Em, and love Izzy too! You should make your way over to the Izzy thread! You'd be most welcome, and we love chatting to new Izzy fans! :)



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