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    Frazer and Rosie at the moment!
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    Can't decide!
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    Aside from Neighbours:<br />Singing, playing the flute, ballroom and latin dancing, writing, acting, reading, watching TV (fave progs Strictly Come Dancing and Doctor Who), current affairs.
  1. eurgh eurgh eurgh

  2. Ditto / I thought we'd got hacked! I totally forgot about the upgrade and I haven't logged on for a few days! Looking very nice. My only problem is maroon, grey and white were my school colours so I feel like I'm back to the good (bad) old days
  3. Mine seems to be working as well Thanks for all your hard work Sal
  4. Happy Birthday NeighboursFans! Thank you SO much to everyone who makes this place the fab site it is. And I'm sorry I haven't been around that much recently, but I still love you all!
  5. I'll email tomorrow evening if that's ok? Or in the morning if I have time. I have pics on the other computer but I really need to sleep now!
  6. Am I too late? It's a great idea, I look forward to guessing!
  7. The archive is indeed looking extremely snazzy! Kudos to you guys, you've done a great job Gaynor and Sal
  8. Gaynor, you are an absolute legend!! Thank you so much for all your hard work, it's totally brilliant. The idea of a million words scares me; I'm trying to imagine how many pages that would be!
  9. I have now tagged one whole picture; I feel I have made a major contribution
  10. I feel bad because I didn't tag one picture - I was too scared about the amount of time it would suddenly take away from me when I was trying to work, especially considering when I got back from holiday the thread already had about 30 pages! But well done to everyone involved and thanks loads - it's a brilliant feature
  11. Ah right, that would be mine is practically the same as my actual count then. That's cool - another board I used t ouse your post count used to drop dramatically occasionally due to post culls.
  12. What does the real posts thing mean?
  13. Que? +1 to Sophie! Lucky you, Soapie - I spotted it hours ago and I didn't get +1! Aw, bless you Janetor, have a gold star OMG - mine are really rather embarrassing actually. Ooh I hadn't seen that! I didn't realise how little I actually posted about Neighbours here ETA: I'm sure I've never posted at 5am!
  14. I think the "Welcome back Sophie" thing looks different but I'm not sure ... *keeps eyes peeled for changes*
  15. Ok, fair enough. I never disputed that the current number was correct, Sal, I was only pointing it out. I wasn't meaning to have a go at you and although a bit techincally incompetent, I'm not an idiot - I do understand that the board software is not making the posts up. Sorry if I've caused a fuss!
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