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  1. Been busy last few days so only logged on today and realised what had happened. It's unfortunate but it is good the board is back even if we have gone back in time a little Nice work Sal and Gaynor
  2. I have also only just noticed this A special thanks to Sal and everyone who keep the site going for all of us to enjoy I have been a member on here for nearly 4 years now and I absolutely love it
  3. Oh one final thing, why does it no longer show who has been online in the board statistics? It only appears for me when I log out.
  4. Cheers for all the help Sayaka. I often pick up on such small things. I should try and avoid being so paranoid about everything!
  5. Yes I was talking about that. Oh ok. Sorry about the quality. What does the system warn against, if you don't mind me asking?
  6. I will email it but will you be able to look at it now?
  7. Yes everyone's. I have took a pic. Shall I post it? Am I allowed?
  8. I think it is to do with the PM system being back up because it wasn't there yesterday. Also if you click on my username and view my profile it should say under my username "Members UT" What does that mean?
  9. I am not sure how! I don't think it is anything bad. For me the rectangle shape is underneath everyone's "Spoiler" status. Also when I went on my profile it said "Member UT" under my username.
  10. Cheers for fixing it Sal but I am just wondering why doesn't it show who has logged on the board on the main page like it used to? Also underneath our avatars and details when we post, why is there a rectangular shape displayed? (Look to the left of this post)
  11. Hope all goes well Sal and thanks for the help with the avatars!
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