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angel aka anii

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    Rachel Kinski, Angus Henderson, Libby Kennedy, Janae Timmins, Ty Harper, Didge Parker, Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown, Taylah Jordan, Declan Napier, Oliver Barnes, Steph Scully
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    "Only love matters, forever yours....A"
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    Can't decide!
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    Spoiler Junkie
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    Somewhere in the UK :p
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    Neighbours, Rangus, Angus and Chatting to my crazy friends (u no who u are)
  1. Hi, how are you?

    I added you as a friend. I hope you don't mind. Have a gorgeous day! =] Paris xx

  2. DANIII, missing you :( hope you are well

    take care...RANGUS AND ANGUS FOR EVER :D

  3. hey nadz, its anii I found u on here then?? :p ttyl Xx

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