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    Kennedy family, Napier family, Harold Bishop, Paul Robinson, Bridget Parker, Donna Freedman, Lou Carpenter
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    Can't decide!
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    Football, Liverpool FC are a big part of my life
    GAA, Come on the Mournemen
    Rugby, even if Ireland make me cry sometimes
    Reading, writing , films, relaxing with friends, going to the gym, travelling, listening to music
  1. still is really stunned by the news about Gary Speed :(

  2. If Greece, Italy and Ireland all get drawn in the same group for the European Championships, can we call it the Group of Debt?

  3. That's a great amount. Well done everyone who's contributed to that.
  4. can hear Jedward from my house, at least I think it's them as whoever's singing is off key.

  5. New appreciation for Rhod Gilbert's comedy after going to Ask Rhod Gilbert last night.

    1. Sam x

      Sam x

      I love Rhod Gilbert!

  6. Have to agree with that, just reading what had to be done made *my* head spin, so I think we're very lucky to have such clever people to fix it. I've bookmarked the Twitter link now too (as well as keeping the LJ one just in case) as I'm more likely to go there than LJ.
  7. is celebrating Ireland's great win over Australia this morning!

  8. is celebrating Ireland's great win over Australia this morning!

  9. Thanks for the web link to the LJ page, I tried to search both there and Twiiter but didn't know where to start.
  10. Was just about to post the exact same thing as you. Glad it's back up. Thanks for working so hard to get it back.
  11. Happy Easter everyone.

  12. thinks the holidays have gone far too quickly.

  13. is gutted by today's rugby result. So close!

    1. RobinsonRulesRamsaySt
    2. Jeffiner


      Should have been on sooner!

  14. wishes this sore throat would go away already!

  15. So pleased to see a good Liverpool performance for a change!

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