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  1. paul18

    Welcome back!

    Nice suprise to wake up to on a Sunday morning! Thanks so much for all your hard work Sal
  2. Hope everyone here on NFans has a safe and happy 2013

  3. Wishing everyone on NFans are safe and happy Christmas!

  4. Early start tomorrow, pick up the in-laws @ 6am in the morning from the airport

  5. Getting up at 5.30am in the morning to watch the opening ceremony of the games

  6. Counting down to next Friday night - off to see the hilarious Wanda Sykes @ the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

  7. Thanks for all your hard work over the years Sal I'm proud to say I have been a member of this particular board since day one and its almost 9 years since I first joined up - time certainly flies when you are having fun!
  8. Will be spending NYE in Melbourne watching the fireworks along the Yarra River

  9. Had a great Christmas... until I got home to a damaged car and roof after the huge storm that hit Melbourne on Christmas Day

  10. Won't have a chance to be online for the next couple of days so I wish everyone here at Nfans.com a safe and happy Christmas!!!

    1. Bagpuss


      Happy Christmas to you too. :)

  11. Is hoping to finally start my Christmas shopping this weekend

  12. "Lest we forget" on this ANZAC day

  13. Has eaten far too many easter eggs today

  14. I'm off to Sydney this weekend to watch the Cats play the Swans, Also congrats to my "in laws" Judy and Steve who are celebrating 30 years of marriage on Monday

  15. Will be offline for a short period of time - have to take my computer to get repaired

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