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    My favourite neighbours character is steph scully she reminds me of myself
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    Can't decide!
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    Spoiler Junkie
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    I love playing sports and really want a motorbike
  1. omg, on n.com, there is a poll on who you would like to see more of, most people have put teens, seriously get you get any more teen centred than it already is

    1. Atli


      You can, just look at the 2009 season

    2. Sukie


      There are only three teens in it now, aren't there? Tash, Andrew and Summer? We never see Zeke, etc at uni anymore!

  2. merry christmas and wishing you all the best for 2011

  3. merry christmas and wishing you all the best for 2011

  4. is getting sick of this snowy weather

  5. Is listening to christmas songs

  6. Thanks Sal Shall be great to see all the new updates
  7. The thread you just started has been moved to spoilers!

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