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    Queing up to buy Steph and Charlie a bus ticket to Sale
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  1. wants this headache to go far, far away.

  2. Am loving the green, my favourite colour (some of my colleagues at work stop and stare if I'm not wearing something green!LOL). Quick question, and am in no great hurry for an answer or any action to be taken - I was just wondering if the banner that announces the name of the site wazs going to stay just words, or whether we would be having words and pics back? I also love my little yellow award thingummybob, looks like a little sunshine and makes me proud of all of my hard work in getting that one summary up. Doing just one nearly made me go nuts, and I have such admiration for those of you who have done the rest.
  3. Very VERY well done to you all, the update looks fab. I do have a feeling that I may get lost, and as such, please ignore any plaintive whimpers as I find my way around. Conrgratulations on all of the time, effort and creativity you have all put into this. 10/10 and A+ and all that. C
  4. Just another quick technical question - I can see how you can add the different era's that your story comes from, but I'm having a problem adding more than one character. I clicked on all of the ones in my story, but only one charactercame up when I posted it. I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious, but can someone just give me a heads up as to where I'm going wrong? Thanks C
  5. Fabulous site, really well organised and set up. I have several stories that I'll start moving over as soon as I'm allowed. I also agree with the idea of only posting finished stories, and maybe keeping the WIP's on the site as - in my non technological view - it might free up space from the original site? Thanks Sal and co for all of your hard work, and am looking forward to a good read. C
  6. Fabulous work - congratulations to you all. I'm very impressed with all of the time and effort you have all put in, I know how much it killed me to type up and remember all of the details for just one ep, let alone 4500!! Great work. C
  7. Me too, well, I've got mine anyway. I've also got some other people's stories, but I'd have to ask them first before I did anything with them. Just give me a yell if I can help. C
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I've been going through all of the Standalones and Completed fics, looking for he older Stax fics that I loved. It's taking me ages, and I do have a suggestion, but it may be impossible to set up and people may not agree. I was wonderingif we could somehow have a 'library' of fics, with whole stories with the comments taken out so that you get to read them all in one go? I'm not sure if it could go as a separate thread, or if it wuld take up a lot of space or whatever it is, and indeed if it would be possible to do (seeing as I do like reading the comments that people made about the stories as well - it may be that there are two threads, one with the comments and one with just the stories?) Anyway, it's just an idea and in all probability totally unworkable. Thanks for the hard work you all do to keep this site running so well, and I'm sorry if my idea makes you want to reach into your computer and throttle me. C
  9. Does anyone know why VIC has decided to move it back a week? Made life so much easier when we changed at the same time as the UK, as I didn't have to learn a new time difference, only for it to change a week later. Must say, I AM looking forward to getting up when it's light though.... C
  10. I'm most pleased that this is back, thanks for getting it going again. C
  11. No comments yet? Then it's about time you got some! Did you see that I added you to my new LJ, btw? :)

  12. Like Rosa said, excellent idea. Thank you. C
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