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    Donna to Ringo: "I choose you, for life. And it's the best decision I'll ever make."
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  1. Hi Shona!

    Sorry for the late reply but thank you very much for your Birthday wishes!! That was lovely of you to wish me Happy Birthday!!

    I had a good day! I went to work and I went to tjhe cinema with my Mum and a couple of friends in the evening! we went to this refurbished old fashioned cinema near us! It was awesome!! I got lots of mone...

  2. Outrageous Fortune would have to be my favorite show of all time, one of the best shows NZ has ever made. Yes love Loretta, also loved Van he had the best lines.

  3. I love outrageous fortune and Loreeta is my favourite. So glad Mrs West got out of jail in the end.

  4. Hey. Thanks for the add. :)

  5. Thanks for the add, how's it going?

  6. Thx for the add :)

  7. Thanks for adding me :)

    Cute profile image xx

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