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  1. cheers for the add.

  2. Kate and Noah don't sleep together. check out extended spoiler for next week. she's trying to get him out of Harolds after he turns up after hours.

  3. The Neighbours FB poll about who's fighting for their life. James Mason give it away in an interview on digital spy, it's Chris.

  4. Hi, I see you are a big Mark and Kate fan? me too. They are such a cute couple.

    I do hope he comes back, so him and Kate can be together.

    thanks for the add.

  5. have you got the TV WEEK scans from this week and last week? thanks.

  6. thanks for the extedned spoilers. You're a star!

    do you know if this weeks and last weeks TV WEEK scans will be put up?

  7. Hi Carly, I see you put up the scans from TV WEEK. Just wondering if you will be putting up this weeks scans. Thanks.

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