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    Max & Steph (pre 2006) Karl, Susan, Tom and Alex. So sue me Rosie & Frazer Bree & Zeke Rach & Ringo Janelle rocks muchly. As does Mishka. Bring back Lib and Darren, Darcy and Bobby Hoyland!
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    "When someone hangs themselves in real life, it's a tragic reflection on society. When someone hangs themselves when a stunt goes wrong, it's a tragic accident. When someone hangs themselves 'cause they saw it on TV and thought 'that looks cool'... that's natural selection."
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    Can't decide!
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    Music, dancing, TV, music vids, reading, writing, drinking, driving (not at the same time as drinking!), and having fun

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  1. ETA2: Never mind. My messenger seems to have reappeared. It's either being weird or I'm being daft. I think it's the latter!
  2. is very, very cold and hates her heating.

  3. ~ Jen ~

    UPGRADE - 16/09

    OK, so that's random. Logged in on the desktop and all is well. So I'm guessing not a profile thing then...
  4. ~ Jen ~

    UPGRADE - 16/09

    When I click on the arrow it takes me straight to my profile (in fact the whole bar has turned into a link to my profile) so I can't retract it at all.
  5. ~ Jen ~

    UPGRADE - 16/09

    Cheers Sal. Hopefully the awkwardness of browsing the forum will actually put me off and I'll go back to my work!
  6. ~ Jen ~

    UPGRADE - 16/09

    Same on all skins (my default is the red one), I'm on Firefox 3.5.5 Have managed to take some screengrabs so you can see what I'm dealing with! Index page: Sub-forum page:
  7. ~ Jen ~

    UPGRADE - 16/09

    Very random thing, but when I logged in today my profile box has expanded and is now a permanent fixture in the top right hand corner of the screen (instead of just being my username with the option to drop down the options of "My Profile", etc.) and as such the 'View New Content' button is either hidden or gone completely. This happening to anyone else or is it just something else I need to sort out with my laptop?!
  8. ~ Jen ~

    UPGRADE - 16/09

    It's fine on the red one, it's just the blue and green ones it's really pale. Simple solution : shall just change skins.
  9. ~ Jen ~

    UPGRADE - 16/09

    *drags thread back up* One thing I've noticed with the PM system - when you type it gives you a drop down box of options through the autocomplete which is great. However, the usernames in this box are in a very light colour which means you can't read them. You can clearly see the member group of the person, and their display picture, but not the actual name. Fine if you have an outside clue as to what that member's group / picture is, but otherwise you need to finish typing which almost negates the point of the autocomplete. Is there any way to darken that font a little? Hardly a deal breaker, but thought it was worth asking.
  10. ~ Jen ~

    UPGRADE - 16/09

    I just tried to update my signature and got the following error message: I was trying to replace it with three lines of unformatted text.
  11. ~ Jen ~

    UPGRADE - 16/09

    It would seem that's the case - smart ass. ETA: I don't think we can say 'board nil'. I think the board's sitting here going, "I knew that all along. You took your sweet time catching up."
  12. ~ Jen ~

    UPGRADE - 16/09

    I just assumed she'd C&P'd the same message to lots of people (a la the old board). Does this mean we can bulk mail now?
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