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  1. Every time I watch that clip I end up on the contestant's side more and more ;) She is hilarious though. Sorry for late reply, have been gutted all week over missing out on a great opportunity :(

  2. haha I just read the Gretel quote, I rewatched that again she's so funny. BB should get rid of Davina and bring her in for the last series.

  3. Daniel

    Board Changes

    I'd forgotten all about this thread so this is a very late reply from me. I suppose it depends on what's considered newsworthy. She's always in the Aussie papers for one reason or another, but at the moment it's the kind of thing that I would have posted in the old Delta thread (personal life gossip, hints on the next album) but isn't important enough for the Heads Up thread because there's nothing concrete happening. I suppose it would hinge on whether other fans are still keen to discuss her or whether I'd be talking to myself.
  4. Daniel

    Board Changes

    I quite miss the RLN section. I only really contributed to the Delta thread but used it to check up on others quite often, especially Nat Bass and Kylie. But I suppose Delta is one of few former cast members who don't really have other places on the board for updates (nobody wants to discuss Nina ). Overall I'd be pleased to see it return, but as many of the cast members have individual fansites, it's not like we're missing out on info if we really want to find it.
  5. Big up Lynette! Know yourself! ;)

  6. I loved the arcade too; when I made enough posts to get into it, that is! It was a fun feature to have. I liked the quotes, but if they came back, I think they should be more strictly moderated because some of them seemed to go on a bit rather than being short and snappy.
  7. Happy birthday to the board! Thanks for all the hard work guys.
  8. Daniel


    Thanks Sal for all the hard work you put in and for getting the board up and running so quickly, as well as everyone else who helped out. The new forum looks great!
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