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    Life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.
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    Peter Facinelli, Carlisle Cullen, Twilight, E.R, House, Doctor Who, Reading, Writing and going out drinking :)
  1. The original Band Aid song is by far the best one. The remakes, though great for charity, are awful.

    1. Atli


      So true! I think the plan with the new one was to get people to pay so it wouldn't be played on the radio.

  2. Having an amazing time at Portsmouth. The right uni for me!

    1. Bagpuss


      That's good. :) Mr B and I had a day in Portsmouth in December (just the bit by the Dockyard and the tower) and we loved it. :)

    2. Hawker
    3. Clare
  3. is starting life at Portsmouth University very soon. A new start once more. Can't wait, though a little nervous!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ash


      Good luck, Liz! :D Sure you'll have a ball! I got on a ferry at Portsmouth once! That's about all I have ever done there! Haha! :D

    3. Clare


      We stayed on the Isle of Wight last summer and had a day trip to Portsmouth. It was a lovely place.

    4. Sukie


      My friend's son is starting there this September. Has started?

  4. Can't get Josh Gad's In Summer out of my head.#frozen

  5. Been incredibly busy with work etc. Hate that feeling but gonna get my life back!

  6. has had a lovely week's holiday in Dartmouth and a few other things made me really smile too so I'm in a great place right now :)

    1. Sukie


      we were in Devon on holiday, and thought Dartmouth is lovely!

  7. I won the Neighbours Triva at the Neighbours Night! Haha I have another free Neighbours Tour lol

    1. Robster


      wow congrats!!

  8. Off to a Neighbours Night tonight! So looking forward to it. In love with Melbourne.

  9. In just under four weeks, I'll be in Melbourne. Can't wait :D

  10. Off to Australia in Feb 2013 for six weeks! Can't wait!

  11. My aunt died today of bowel cancer. 47 years old. I am so so sad.

  12. Cancer is a vile disease that wrecks so many people's lives. I hate it so much.

    1. Rhys Lawson is Hot

      Rhys Lawson is Hot

      Unfortunately it exists, in the most saddened way. I hate it too.

    2. MHD


      It is the one major hope of mine that a cure will be found asap. Imagine the world without cancer? I think there would be mass rejoice. And interestingly, odds are that there probably will come a time at some stage when it is a reality. Just depends on how long that takes.

  13. I met Peter Facinelli last weekend. He is amazing. <3

  14. is heartbroken :(

    1. sophie123
    2. *Liz*


      Five year relationship has ended :(

    3. sophie123


      sorry to hear that :(

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