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    Frazer, Rosie, Libby, Susan, Lil. I'm a tad addicted to the Frosie banter too ;)
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    Aus Pace
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    South Derbyshire, East Midlands, UK
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    Derby County Football Club! Chemistry (seeing as it is my degree) - Especially Chemical Physics / Physical chemistry, I can't stand synthetic chemistry it bores me! Formula One (Hate McLaren, love their drivers, long time Williams fan, can't stand Ferrari (or Kimi) at all) Reading Spending too long online Learning photoshop
  1. Congratulations and thanks for all the work over the last 7 years. I can't believe I've been here almost 8 years now. Funny to think I became friends with one of my best friends on here and if this place didn't exist we'd have never met.
  2. Huh, Sam Clark is in my hometown switching on the Christmas lights tonight

    1. Swanny


      Great to see he's moved onwards and upwards from Neighbours ;)

  3. has Frosie sweets!

    1. Sukie


      What are Frosie sweets?

  4. Oops, appeared to have missed this thread the other day. Congrats to everyone who makes this place what it is and to Sal for keeping it all going for us. I find it hard to believe I joined Erinsborough around 6 years ago and although I've dipped in and out I've been pretty much a regular for the past 3-3.5 years! This is easily one of the best communities I've been on online .
  5. Hi,

    I added you as a friend. Hope you don't mind. Have a beautiful day! xx Paris =]

  6. Just had a look on my iPod Touch and the Lo-Fi skin is fully active on it if users want to select that for a mobile device.
  7. Having the board in a green skin takes me back a bit!
  8. In the top right corner where your username is there is a drop-down menu if you click on it. Select my profile and within that is a button (again top right I think) to edit your profile and you can find those options in there.
  9. If you want me to test it out on my iPod just give me a shout .
  10. I only use the Touch for internet / as an organiser, I have no actual music on it . I much prefer (for the most part) just looking at standard versions of sites on it as opposed to the condensed / lo-fi mobile versions.
  11. Awesome, looks like the web version now. I can find things again! Cheers, Sal Much appreciated.
  12. At the bottom the only options I have are; Back to top, forum home, delete my cookies and mark board as read. I can't find anything on the "my settings" bit either if such an option should exist . In short, really liking the web version, really disliking the default iPhone version .
  13. Looking good, though it's taking a while to get used to it not being blue . A question, Sal, will apply to others probably. I use my iPod touch to access the forum a lot and it looks completely different to how it does on Firefox whereas on the old one it looked the same is that part of the new software. It's definitely less graphic intense but (imo) a little hard to find what you're looking for on there as nothing seems to be in any sort of order other than the list of sub-forums. Perhaps other folks who use Safari on the touch / iPhone could shed some more light on it.
  14. Woohoo you all did it, big congrats and well done to all involved .
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