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    Cody the First; Hannah the Visibly Maturing; Anne; Caitlin the Unacceptably Exploited (by the producers); the Kinskis: Rachel the Sublime and Katya the Scary; Summer II; and of course Paul the Eternal
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    Insanity is the only sane response to an insane universe.
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    Can't decide!
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    UK Pace
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    Classical music, but also Tom Waits, Camila Cabello and Katy Perry the Extra-syllabic

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  1. Sorry for having taken almost 6 months to reply. The site was back to normal next time I looked. Except that it no longer showed which episodes I'd read! 😨 But seriously, thanks, guys. ☺
  2. Does anyone know what has happened to this site? All I get now is "Lithium Hosting".
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