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    Susan (favourite,without a doubt), Karl, Libby Sky, Lyn, Lil, Bree, Valda, The one and only Joe Mangel and from the old days; Helen, Madge and Mrs Mangel - true soap female legends.
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  1. Loving the new fresh feel of the board, Sal! Thanks for all your hard work on this - the vast majority of us hugely appreciate it.
  2. Hey you, just wanted to say hi, hope all is good at your end?! x x

  3. Course I approve! Glad someone is maintaining it, and who better than you?

  4. Och I'm weird like that, very nosey indeed! You married, any children? What do you do for a living? xxx

  5. I live near Glasgow, not far from the west coast. Lots of rain, wind and cold but it's home! There is tons I want to know about you, I'm soooo nosey! xxx

  6. Hehe I wasn't digging for myself, was just genuinely interested where you stayed! Must be glorious living that close to the Gold Coast. I am sooooo jealous, sitting here in the Scottish rain. xxx

  7. Woop wanted to be your first comment! How are you? You must fill me in...whereabouts in Aus do you live? xxx

  8. Fabulous pic hon! Love it xx

  9. Gilly

    Hellloooooooo! I texted you but don't know whether you would have got it or not?! We need a catch up! xxxxxxx

  10. Gilly

    You are officially my friend! Mwah x

  11. Alex

    YAY please be my friend! Haha. Love you lots x

  12. Gilly


    Well looky at our new home This looks fabulous and I can't wait to get started Thanks to everyone involved - you are all stars
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