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  1. Elin


    Ah, I see. I wasn't sure what you were thinking of since you didn't specify at all.
  2. Elin


    I'm not sure what you're referring to, Belinda. Maybe you could explain what it is you're going to do?
  3. Elin


    I've been doing some re-organising in the galleries today (mainly in the Other, Other Enhanced and Robinson folders) in case any avatars don't show up. If yours isn't showing up, try the Enhanced (or non-enhanced if it used to be in Enhanced) folder as it's probably in there instead.
  4. Elin


    I discovered some Robinson avatars that were in the wrong folders, so these have been moved to the correct folders now. If your avatar isn't showing up below your usename and yours was a Robinson one it may have been one of the avatars that were moved, so you will have to go to the correct folder and re-select it. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  5. Elin


    Just thought I'd post to say that I've uploaded the avatars sent in since the beginning of the new year today. There have also been a couple avatars moved to their correct folders (one Frazer/Rosie and one Janae/Ned one) so if you discover that your avatar has disappeared, that is why.
  6. I like the new cleaner look- especially the banner at the top! If you make one with characters in there, no matter what people you include there's always going to be a lot of people complaining that so and so (usually their favourite character) wasn't included. This way you can avoid most of that since it just includes the houses. I do miss the embolded text in the signatures though. That seems to have disappeared with the upgrade.
  7. Are you going to one of the concerts in Sept? I'll be going to the Adelaide concert taking along my friend who's a newly converted Toriphile so that should be great fun!

  8. Hi! Love your username, BOC is one of my favourite Tori songs. :)

  9. I was waiting for you to come home at lunch time, but there was no sight of you. :(

  10. Stupid MSN and net connection went down again and now I'm too tired to be bothered to try again. Night. xxx

  11. Elin

    That should say Edit Avatar Settings. They've changed the name recently, I think, Avatar options is the old name for it.

  12. Elin

    Thanks. I made it actually. They call it avatars on here. If you go to where it says My Controls at the top of the page and then you select Avatar options from the left hand side menu you can get yourself one too. Just select one from the galleries and it should come up straight away. I have more of the ones I (and others) have made if you check out the Avatars forum under Neighbours Creative. :)

  13. Yay! *does victory sign*

  14. Well maybe you should start paying attention! :p

  15. I realised I've now passed you post-wise again. You were over 1000 posts ahead of me there for a while, but I've caught up... Not sure why since I'm not on here that much :p

  16. Vetty, you need to go and re-select your avatar in the galleries cos it won't link anymore after I put all Plyn ones in their separate folder. :)

  17. Elin


    OK guys, there's been a few more changes done in the avatar galleries today. I have added three new couple folders- Boyd and Janae, Lyn and Paul and Susan and Tom. This is because there were so many avatars for each pairing in the Groups folders that they were 'clogging up' the folders so this change should make those folders quicker to load. If the avatar you're using is one consisting of one of these pairings you will need to go and re-select that avatar in its new folder. ETA: When you name avatars before sending them in, could you please also remember to use first names for characters too. All avatars up in the galleries only have the characters' first names in their names after my re-organising a while back (so all Mrs Mangel ones were changed to Nell etc) and there were a few up now called JanelleSteiger01 etc which have now been re-named to AllanJanelle01 etc to keep in line with the rest of the avatars.
  18. Elin


    Another thing to add is that if you send in an avatar with the number 1-9, could you please name them e.g. JanaeJanelle02, PennySummer05 etc, using a zero before the number. I changed all the avatars over to this system a while back when I did the big re-organising as it makes things a lot easier for us to keep track of things on the server that way. It would be appreciated if you could help us with that by naming the avatars correctly before sending them in.
  19. Thanks for the birthday thread. :)

  20. I'm glad to see you worked out how to post on LJ just fine! You'll be addicted in no time like the rest of us I bet! :p

  21. Whatcha doin' in Melb? :) You never told me you were going there!

  22. Are you counting down the hours to tomorrow's episode yet? :p Do you still want texts so you can get an idea of what happened if you check your mobile during your break at work or do you want to save it for lunch time and read yourself?

  23. Oh, I think there will be MVs made either way! ;) I'm glad I saved all that Susom stuff back in the days too including all the fics and stuff since it all got lost when we moved to the new board. :(

  24. What are you doing on here but not being on MSN? How rude :p

  25. You should try and find a way to incorporate Plyn into your uni work. There's got to be something you could do! :p

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