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  1. LOVE ER espescially George Clooney <3

  2. :o Huw Edwards is the most gorgeuous & hottest welshman ever!!!!!
  3. Name your top 10 hotties....Mines are 1) Karl Kennedy 2) Max Hoyland 3) Larry Lamb 4) Chris Tarrant 5) Warren Beatty 6) Alan Dale 7 George Clooney 8) Bobby Hoyland 9) Bill Turnbull 10) Huw Edwards

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. bunny20


      1) George Clooney 2) Alan Fletcher 3) Brad Pitt 4) Justin Timberlake 5) David Beckham 6)Robbie Williams 7) Johnny Depp 8) Pierce Brosnan 9) Simon Baker 10) Kyal Marsh

    3. Sayaka


      Huw Edwards?!


    4. MHD


      Karl&Max fan obviously has a thing for the over 55's! :D

  4. Who wants Max Hoyland to return?

    1. Skylover
    2. Karl&Max fan

      Karl&Max fan

      Boyd is fine but Max is HOT!!

    3. Skylover


      Boyd is HOT too!

  5. I wub ER. George Clooney YUM

  6. I am doing wonderfully! Other than my IP is a bit slow yesterday/today so I've got to catch up on 2 days worth of Neighbours now lol! It's finally spring here, but it's supposed to snow! arg! :(

  7. Hi I'm a huge Kusan shipper too :)

  8. Thanks for being my friend, hope you are well too ::hug::

  9. Thank you for adding me. :D Hope you are well.

  10. Hey thanks for adding me :)

  11. Are you really Alan Fletcher?

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