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  1. Hey mate, thanks for accepting. Hope all's good with you buddy. Haven't been on N'Fans for a little while so just catching up.

  2. Thanks for the add. Hope you're well! :)

  3. Thx for the add :)

  4. Thx for the add :)

  5. thanks for the add (:

  6. Hi, hope you don't mind the addage :)

    And I agree that there ought to be more Kusan storylines. I always loved Karl and Susan as characters and thought they had the best relationship on television, bar none!

  7. Hey thanks for adding me :)

  8. OK thanks Lol you must be a very popular guy ;)

  9. No worries

    How come I can't PM yu...said The member squidplum cannot receive any new messages

    This personal message has not been sent

    Most peculiar

  10. Yup very coherent rant and thanks for adding me to your buddy list :)

    I've created a blog on all things Karl Kennedy on Tumblr...


    I was inspired by Hellyeah all things Neighbours http://hellyeahneighbours.tumblr.com/ and thought what a brilliant idea to create a blog about my favourite characters from TV or movies and went ahead ...

  11. hope you get better soon :)

  12. Hey thanks for the add :) x

  13. Thanks for addage, guys. Very much appreciated! :)

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