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    I-pod, therefore I am.


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    Rosie, Frazer, Toadie, Pepper, Steph, Stu, Izzy, Sindi, The Kennedys, Darcy, Lil, David, Stingray
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    If you are going to get drunk, drink whiskey so people can smell it on your breath. Otherwise they think you are just stupid.
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    Jen. Obviously.
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    Aus Pace
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    United Kingdom

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  1. Happy birthday Neighboursfans! Thanks to Sal for all her hard work and for keeping the board up and running.
  2. Kyles

    Love the personal photo Jen I heart Frosie!

  3. Jen

    Ooh I love your personal photo! Get you with Karl and Susan!

  4. Jen

    Love your profile pic!

    Sexy green/pink stripey PJs! ;)

  5. Elin

    Aww, how cute is your personal photo!

  6. Jen

    You are my first friend! I hope you are honoured! ;)

  7. I forgot it was Neighbours' birhday too. Happy 21st! Happy first birthday Nfan, lets hope we have a lot more!
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