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    Martin: She's only after your money! Archie: Well, I suppose it's the most interesting thing about me. *** Archie: I've never met anyone like you Mandy. You seem more *real* than other girls. Mandy: Real? What, do you mean common? Archie: Of course not! Though maybe growing up on a council estate does give you a certain quality. A strong quality I mean. Mandy: I think you must have a very romantic view of council estates! We're exactly like other people, except we naff in lifts. We can't help it. You know, we just get into a lift and we gotta go. *** Lionel: [trying to get him to write a second book, Jean walks Lionel through the first time they met] I saw you, and I stopped breathing. I really did. Jean: Aww Lionel Hardcastle: I started again, of course, or I would have died... *** Claire: You know, it's polite for the first person downstairs to make coffee, even it that person has a penis. Nate: Well, it's also polite for the first person in the bathroom to spend less than 45 minutes in there, even if that person has a vulva. *** Claire: I wish I was gay. David: Ohh, no. Claire: Well, then I wouldn't have to deal with unfamiliar sex organs! David: They're all unfamiliar unless they're yours.
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  1. Bit late but congrats and thank you, Sal, for a place that has been there for me in so many ways over the last nine years. I joined on March 19, 2005, so I must have been here almost the second Neighboursfans itself (this incarnation) came to life. I was a busy little poster in the early days - my distinct memory is of late nights with Steve (Morrish) and JA talking about all sorts. I went very quiet for a while as other things in real life took over and then came back and this happened a few times, as it does with us all, I think. My fan-fic era (2005-2009) was probably my busiest time here, but I am a more regular visitor today than I have been in recent years, and I think my actually not watching Neighbours anymore is what stopped me writing fan fic. Shame really; I truly enjoyed it. Long may this place last. It's still a lovely little community and I can't imagine ever being without it completely.
  2. Oh, definitely! I've said in the past when caught that I use it to find out what happened in an episode I missed...but that's all. Just on those odd occasions.... *blushing, breathlessness, "please believe me" grin plastered over face* Sorry Sal, WE know there's nothing mad about the uninitiated....don't! They're the mad ones!
  3. Thanks Sal! Oddly, I like it how it is. When I am caught online by someone who doesn't know I use the site, I can lie more convincingly...