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  1. There was life before the board?! Thank you Sal for phaving provided it for us over the years. What a fantastic bit of web-space!
  2. In fairness, rubyat, there was no way of predicting the length of time the board was going to be down for, due to miscommunication from the hosts. Infact, since I've been a member here, downtime that long has never occurred and any downtime has been announced by Sal prior to it happening with plenty of warning and explanation. Perhaps if we'd known then a way of telling members might have been created, but it was very much a play it by ear and trying to resolve the issues It's unlikely (fingers crossed) to occur again without prior warning or notice to everyone, and I think you'll agree we're all just grateful that it's back and working thanks to some very hard work and long nights from Sayaka and Sal
  3. Thank you very much Sal and Gaynor for all your hard work Yay for being back!
  4. Woo! Go team
  5. We are back, but the site is running slowly so be patient with it, please
  6. ETA: Seems to be working for me... We don't get the copyright NFans not anymore at the mo though.
  7. OK, if you insist... Chloe 1, Jen nil
  8. I don't have a clue, tbh. I would assume that if it was an option then it would be disabled because of the likelihood of spamming. But, if something is amiss somewhere or something is up behind the scenes then that could be what's going on? I really don't know. Perhaps Sal or Janet would know. ETA: Or it just could be that Brina hit "delete" in her messenger. She didn't want however many copies of the same message sitting in her inbox (as they all get saved as conversations) so to save space she deleted them. That's probably most probable. So we can't "return" the conversation because from her end it doesn't exist. </has brainz> ETA2: Tried and tested and sorted. Woohoo! Chloe 1, board nil.
  9. Is it because Brina sent it to a block of people? I also got the same PM (I'm assuming!) with the same "this message has been deleted" message. I know that's the only PM I've been sent which has been to a group of people. Perhaps there's a fault somewhere down that line of things? It might be that you can't PM a "group". On the old board you could only send to one person at a time, I know. So maybe something just isn't in line properly for group messaging as yet. Just a thought to put out there!
  10. I'd never have spotted that in a million years
  11. Aha! I do see now. I've switched skins and I can see a little green thing in the corner. That's very nifty. Sorry for being daft, Vanz! You can switch skins at the bottom of the screen if that's helpful for you - otherwise I don't think that the blue skin has it like the red one did
  12. You're right about the spoilers. Anything that was tagged before the upgrade doesn't seem openable at the moment. There's a new "way" of viewing spoilers now, and I can only assume that the old way of opening isn't compatible with the new upgrade. This is how it looks now: In short, no it's not just you I'm not sure I know what you mean on your second point. I'd say it's quite clear what I've read or not. I didn't think it had ever showed whether you'd responded to a thread or not. This is my screen. You can see I haven't read the top one and I have read the next one, and the one after I've also replied to (but you know that through the thread information?) Hope I've helped a little! ETA: As for the "full editor" error mentioned earlier, I'm afraid I'm in the dark on that as it seems to be working fine for me
  13. Belinda - we had a little bit of a cull lately to try and bring the size of the forum down for the upgrade, so a lot of threads which hadn't been used in a little while (or ones where it wasn't necessary to keep them) went.
  14. Just on my lunch break. It's looking very different, but I like it! Looks easy to navigate, too. Woo hoo It's got Chloe's seal of approval!
  15. That's a peculiar one. You're both in "Members UT" so it could be to do with the group your in. I'm sure it'll be sorted or explained soon by someone who is more technically able than me! ETA: Is it just that that's missing? Can you see today's birthdays, for example? As there's a couple of you I'd assume it's a board problem. Nevertheless, when in doubt, I clear my cache and cookies etc. Could try that? Although I'm not sure it'll help!