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  1. Happy Christmas everyone!!

  2. Hubby said to me: "Can you spend more time on those forums, like you used to? So I can spend more time watching TV?" Seems like a reasonable request to me!

    1. Hawker


      He's a keeper! :D Also, welcome back!

  3. Race For Life tomorrow, after a Hen Party today. What a busy weekend!

  4. Slowly finding my way around the new shiny board :)

  5. Just realised I've passed the 6 year mark for NFans - impressive!

  6. Mrs Clog

    There was life before the board?! Thank you Sal for phaving provided it for us over the years. What a fantastic bit of web-space!
  7. A week off work, means a week spent on NFans.com, yes?

  8. Mrs Clog

    In fairness, rubyat, there was no way of predicting the length of time the board was going to be down for, due to miscommunication from the hosts. Infact, since I've been a member here, downtime that long has never occurred and any downtime has been announced by Sal prior to it happening with plenty of warning and explanation. Perhaps if we'd known then a way of telling members might have been created, but it was very much a play it by ear and trying to resolve the issues It's unlikely (fingers crossed) to occur again without prior warning or notice to everyone, and I think you'll agree we're all just grateful that it's back and working thanks to some very hard work and long nights from Sayaka and Sal
  9. Whatever I said, whatever I did, I didn't mean it, I just want NFans back for good...

  10. Mrs Clog

    Thank you very much Sal and Gaynor for all your hard work Yay for being back!
  11. As this part of your profile is filled with people asking you questions, I thought I'd come and write something that isn't all that important.

    Land Girls 2nd series is being repeated on BBC on Sundays if you need some Susan Cookson in your life. She gets some quite awesome scenes :)

  12. Mrs Clog

    Woo! Go team
  13. Theres something very wrong about getting up for work on a Sunday, but very right about overtime money!

    1. meeker


      I'd almost kill for OT!

  14. wonders what will happen next.


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