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  1. Well done to all involved.
  2. You may have noticed some missing posts on the forum. Something happened overnight and some of the posts made yesterday late afternoon, during the evening and overnight have disappeared. I'm not sure what the cause of this is, or whether they can be brought back (I suspect not) but this was something out of our control and the posts weren't deleted by Staff or Admin.
  3. Yes, thanks for everything. And thanks for being such a good friend too.
  4. I missed the downtime, but I'm glad you were able to sort it.
  5. Uploaded. I'm going to get rid of some of the 'chatty' posts in this thread so save people wading through lots of them, so when you've seen this/or noticed your new avatar, can you just post to say so and I'll delete this too.
  6. For contributors and above: Click on the arrow next to your name (top right-hand of screen) which gives a drop-down box - select 'My Profile' - then hover the cursor over your avatar and a box stating 'change' should appear. Click on that which should take you to the option... I think! For members: You need to click on 'avatars' in the toolbar along the top of the forum and select one that way then click options and 'set as photo'.
  7. Ah, okay. I'll go and delete it from the quote queue. I was confused because it just looks like the sort of thing Ian would want in the quote system - not like something he was trying to quote in thread! ETA: Ah, I've just found the quote you mean, Ian. Not the one I quoted above (which I've deleted now - sorry!). I will delete the correct one and if you can re-submit the other one I'll approve it for you.
  8. Do you mean this one, Ian? CODY (to Todd): I don't wanna hang around anymore because I love YOU, stupid! You don't want it added?
  9. Sal might well do this for you, but there is a thread telling you how to do it here - can't you bookmark it or something if you're finding it difficult to locate it? ETA: It's this thread!!
  10. Fantastic! Way to go, all the summariser!
  11. Well done, Gaynor.
  12. It's not my call, of course, but I'm sure there are other fans who would like to keep all the threads about their favourite characters/pairings and I'm not sure that exceptions can be made. For example, there are 38 Robinson threads and 90 Susan and Karl ones! Maybe you could copy the posts you wish to keep into Word and save them to your computer?
  13. Awww, it's my absolute pleasure.
  14. Awesome - well done guys.
  15. Ah thanks, I didn't realise. We definitely banned Alex once at her request but that was several years ago! Sounds like it can't have been that anyway.