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    Martin wanted the world; Karl just wanted me.
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    Neighbours (Karl/Susan), The West Wing (CJ/Danny), The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (Havers/Lynley), Spooks (Adam/Ros) - all for the romance :)

    Reading, walking, going to the gym, writing, quirky & art-house films, my cats.

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  1. A HUGE thank you to Gaynor and Sal (in no particular order!!) for sorting this out. Have a dodgy hug: Mim xx
  2. Fremantle were (are?) looking at the value of putting an entire archive online with a 'pay per episode' scenario. Be excellent if that came about!
  3. KiKi

    Board Upgraded

    The Welcome Back KiKi thing - names are now italicised and in colour. I noticed it ages ago and failed to mention it. Rats. Well, not actually ages, that would be an incredibly long time, and the upgrade is only days old. But even without the hyperbole, I did notice it.
  4. KiKi

    Board Upgraded

    Sorry if this has been mentioned (I haven't read the entire thread) but the "Similar Topics" element of the board is now back (I think I remember it being manually removed before?). Thanks for the upgrade.
  5. Ship's Wench! LOL!

  6. How do yes know I'm not just changing my name because I like being called th' One-Eyed Parrot?? ;)

  7. Ahoy matey! Glad to see yes enterin' into th' spirit 'o things!

  8. It's like, you now *own* a section of the internet.
  9. Bottom of the Forum main page.
  10. Maybe because Sal only backed up and upgraded yesterday, and was just getting us back online. Maybe she hasn't had time to plan the last two days of her life around getting it exactly the way it should be, yet. Maybe with everything that needs to be done on this board on a daily basis the banner wasn't her priority. Maybe she was just trying to get something up so that we could use it and spend our time on it. And maybe she likes it and wants to keep it seeing as, you know, it's her board.
  11. Will do! Thanks again for all your hard work on it.
  12. Thanks for all your hard work on this, G, it looks great, and it's so terribly comprehensive. When will the old link (bookmarked ones) stop working?
  13. Jen

    Ooh I love your personal photo! Get you with Karl and Susan!

  14. EmRed

    Tea Rocks!!!!

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