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  1. On ‎12‎/‎11‎/‎2018 at 22:30, Sayaka said:

    @Tracy C recently completed her 1000th summary! Thanks Tracy! :bowdown:


    I remember those cold winter nights we spent summarising 2001 and condoling with each other over Yahoo Messenger all those years ago! :rofl:


    @Tracy C Congratulations on completing your 1,000th Summary! and thank you for the hours of entertainment you must have given me over the years, I must have read at least 1,000 summaries since I joined NeighboursFans.com so it's fair to say a large chunk of them must have been yours.

    So once again Congratulations and Thank You.

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  2. Sorry to start another thread but I couldn't find an open thread to put this in.


    I just wanted to congratulate and thank everyone who has worked so hard this year and every year to make the Archive Project so successful.


    The Archive now houses 7608 summaries of the 7750 Episodes that have ever been made, leaving just 142 episodes remaining to summarise! This means that the Summaries Archive is now 98.17% complete, an amazing achievement that everyone who has been involved, especially @Sayaka should be very proud of!


    You are all part of something very special, voluntarily creating an amazing resource unrivalled by any other group of volunteers I know.


    Congratulations on reaching the 98% mark!


    I often read the summaries and look at the capps and I am eternally grateful for the hours of entertainment the archive and this community has brought me over so many years!



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  3. Just an Idea, but would it be possible to have a random picture feature similar to the random quote system but that pulls a random picture out of the gallery in the archives and displays it on the board?


    I asked this a couple of years ago, but now you have upgraded your bandwidth package is this now a possibility?


    Just a thought.....

  4. The only way at present is to become a subscriber, unfortunately the option to change your photo is not currently available to non subscribers. The good news is that becoming a subscriber is easy, cheap, comes with lots of subscriber perks and really helps Sal find the hundreds of pounds each year that it costs just to keep the board online. Bandwidth and server space are not cheap. If you would be interested in becoming a subscriber, please click subscriptions at the top of the page for more information.

  5. Hi Sal, I know it is a huge ask, but would it be possible to edit the add quote page on the quotes system so that the formatting rules are at the top of the page?


    There are so many formatting things to remember that I keep forgetting to do things until I have posted two or three quotes and then I suddenly remember halfway through. If it was there in front of me, it would remind me and I would be able to quickly check through it all before I click on post to make sure I have got it right.

  6. Was that before or after the board upgrade last weekend. I believe it was available to everyone on the old software but is now only available to subscribers and staff now. But becoming a subscriber is cheap, there are lots of subscriber perks and it helps Sal find the hundreds of pounds each year it costs to keep the board online. New software and server space/bandwidth don't pay for themselves.

  7. The Avatars are offline at the moment because the new software does not support them. Sal has got to find/write a patch to fix this which will take a while. The software defaults to showing your profile picture which you will have uploaded to your profile previously. If you are a subscriber you can change this picture by clicking on your name at the top of the page, then clicking on My Settings, then clicking on change my photo under general account settings. If you are not a subscriber, you will have to wait until Sal finds a solution, or consider becoming a subscriber, it is cheap, there are lots of subscriber perks and you will be helping Sal find the hundreds of pounds a year it costs to keep the board online, New Software and server space/bandwidth don't pay for themselves! If you are interested in becoming a subscriber click on subscriptions at the top of the page to view the different subscriber packages.

  8. Nooo, we can't have hate for the quotes it has taken us soooo long to get them back because of software issues, we all love the quotes.


    Seriously though, I can see your point, but I think the only solution would be to have a no-quotes mobile skin, and I think writing a new skin might take Sal a while, as I think it's quite a complex job. Will have to wait and see what she says, but I haven't found an option to opt out of the quotes yet in the user settings, and they don't seem to have a collapse button either.

  9. Loving the new Software Sal, Well done, thanks for all your hard work.

    I'm loving that the random quotes are back!

    Also loving the new Online Users list , although would it be possible to block Google and Guest from appearing on the full list, it is difficult to see the wood from the trees with them on it.

    I'm still reserving judgment on the "Like This" button, I hope it doesn't take conversation away from the boards.

    Just an Idea, but would it be possible to have a random picture feature similar to the random quote system but that pulls a random picture out of the gallery in the archives and displays it on the board?


  10. It's not my call, of course, but I'm sure there are other fans who would like to keep all the threads about their favourite characters/pairings and I'm not sure that exceptions can be made. For example, there are 38 Robinson threads and 90 Susan and Karl ones!


    Maybe you could copy the posts you wish to keep into Word and save them to your computer? :)



    I can see where you are coming from Janet and I will of course make my own backup of the threads, but if Sal will make an exception then I would be very greatfull as I would like it to remain accessable to all decget fans.

  11. Hi Sal,


    Are you getting ready to upgrade the software or just having a clear out to speed the board up?


    Also can I make a plea on behalf of the decget fans to keep all The Declan, Bridget and India Appreciation Threads (formally The Declan & Bridget Appreciation Threads) in the character discussion board as alot of us still use them for reference.



    Thanks Sal

  12. :celebrate: Congratulation Everyone on making it to the 7 Year Anniversary :celebrate:


    I Just happened to be reading back over some of the anniversary and Upgrade threads yesterday afternoon and it's amazing to see how far the board has come, the changes that have happened and the milestones that have been achieved over the last 7 Years.


    Big thanks to Sal and the rest of the staff for running this board so well over the last 7 years you all do an amazing job!:celebrate::hug:


    I can't believe that I will have been here 6 years in October, I've mades some amazing online friends durring that time and I am thankful to everyone who has come and chatted to me over the years.


    As you are asking, I do have one suggestion that I have seen on another forum (I can provide a link if wanted) which I think would work really well over here.



    They call it roleplay and basicaly what happens is that somebody posts a basic storyline and a list of characters and then other members request to be assigned to a particular character. That member is then responsible for controling that character inside the story I.e. they say how the character moves and what the character says.


    Somebody then starts the story and another member/character reacts to what was previously posted and so on.


    Just an idea, see what you think.



    Once again Congratulations on 7 Years of running a very sucessful board.


    Sal I hope you are feeling better now.

  13. No worries, mate - I know you weren't angling...it's a valid question! :)


    Alas, the sub manager doesn't allow for auto subscribing (although that's something I'd have to require people to choose themselves as well - I hate the thought of someone ticking it accidentally and then going overdrawn or something because they didn't realise a payment was going out)...I don't think it even tells you when your package has run out(!)



    Oh well it was just a thought, I can see it could be problamatic but if it's not even possible then I guess its a moot point.

  14. Thanks for the explanation Sal,


    Like I said before I was just curious as to why it did what it did, I wasn't angling for an extra day.



    I think you are making alot of work for yourself if you go through and manually extend every subscriber for just 1 day. I'm happy to loose the day and I'm sure most other people will be aswell.



    Thanks for the help Sal!


    ETA: Sal, You asked for suggestions, would it be possible to put an auto resubscribe option on the Subscriptions? I asume probably not if the subscription module is a querky as you say it is, but I thought I would ask.

  15. I thought it was me that had crashed it Andrew, I had spent over an hour trauling through the Magazine Articles trying to find one that had been posted at the begining of the year, I finaly found it, clicked on it to open it and CRASH! No more board! There was some bad language said at that point I can tell you!

  16. I've got it now, I used to only have to put the video code in not the whole URL but now you do, must be something to do with the upgrade, either way it works which is the main thing but Sal if your reading you might want to look into the disappearance of your YouTube disclaimer.


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