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    Elle Robinson Janae Timmins Oliver Barnes Frazer Yeats Rosetta Cammeniti Carmella Cammeniti Isabelle Hoyland Pepper Steiger... etc. (Can't be bothered. LOL)
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    BELINDA (me): Get of the couch you lazy toad! Give me some space! NATHAN (Bro): Nah! You hogged it yesterday! BELINDA: Hey! That was Jacinta and mum! I was...shopping! NATHAN: No difference, their weight added together is you anyway! *Belinda rages with mad* LOL (what Nathan said is NOT true)
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    Uhhhh Neighbours uhhhhh shopping uhhh writing. Guess I can't think of anything else.....uhhhh....

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  1. thinks too much Orangina is NOT good :/ x

  2. wants to watch Eclipse ! x

  3. Hmm, I'm quite liking this new blue skin, it looks much better than the grey. I missed the green skin but It looks that me that the Blue is definitely better! Well done Sal
  4. Hey, nice work there Sal The site looks brilliant! But just one question - is it just me or has some threads disappeared in the Fun&Games section? There is only a few threads in that section and only one page....so I don't really get it. Where have the other threads gone? TIA
  5. hey do you like Decget coz I am actually addicted! x

  6. Hey, hope you don't mind, I've added you to my friends list :)

  7. Thanks for letting us know Sal
  8. sorry 4 not reading it in awhile, I've been busy, I'll go chec it oit :)


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