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  1. Why have I suddenly started getting email notifications of other people's replies to threads that I posted on some time ago b ut have not looked at since? I don't want any email notifications at all.
  2. BudgieJane


    I can see both those pages you mentioned, but there are some families missing, such as the Kennedys, and I cannot see Dahl the galah anywhere. In any case, I'd like to keep my budgerigars if that's possible. They are Australian birds, after all.
  3. I'm amazed that they can actually do that. If it were me, I'd back up the database first, then copy the database so that if the copy were corrupted the original would still be there, and I'd only delete the original when the copy on the new server was proved to be correct. That is the way we did things when I was working for a large international bank, where losing a database could cost the firm a large amount of money, and that is the way it should always be done. Thank you for your efforts in getting back what you could. It is appreciated.
  4. I like it. Pardon me for my stupidity, but how do I go to the first item that I haven't read in a thread? ETA: What has happened to episode ratings? Ep 5777 has had 4 ratings, but there are no stars for the ep. in the Australian Episode Discussion listing, whereas other episodes do show stars there.
  5. You do if your company does business with people in other states that do observe daylight savings. Are there some places near the border that can get TV from NSW as well as from QLD? That way they could watch Neighbours twice every day
  6. Thank you for your reply.
  7. While we are on the subject of the board, shouldn't the very first page be updated, as it is just a tad out-of-date? Well, it must have launched because that is on the page http://www.neighboursfans.com/ I.e. the NeighboursFans.com home page. If you have forgotten and are in the UK, how are you getting your daily Neighbours fix (no, don't answer that question)? If it's a matter of people finding the time, I know someone who can help.
  8. I am amazed by the small size of the range of subscriptions on offer. The most expensive subscription is GBP6.50, which will just about buy one non-alcoholic cocktail in this month's favourite watering hole near my office in Canary Wharf. Other sites that I am a member of (no names, ...) let people donate much more. I would like to suggest the following "enhancement" to the range: A pair of subscriptions costing GBP12.50, which are otherwise identical to the GBP6.50 subscriptions. A pair of subscriptions costing GBP25, which are otherwise identical to the GBP6.50 subscriptions. A pair
  9. As somebody who joined only recently, I would like to say this Someone has to pay for the board's hosting. It's not fair that that should fall on one person's shoulders. In the short time that I have been a member I have got a lot of enjoyment from the board. I would like to see the board continue for the forseeable future, certainly for as long as Neighbours is broadcast. With that in mind, I am prepared to do something to help defray the costs. You can expect to see a subscription from me shortly. My only problem is which one to choose.
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