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    Off all time, it has to be Susan. I also love Janelle, Bree, Mishka, (the early) Donna, Lucas, Dan, Karl, Liljana and David, Harold, Sky and Steph. Couples: Susan/Karl, Janae/Boyd, Sky/Boyd, Lil/David.
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    Totally Confused
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    PM me for it :)
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    The cupboard under the stairs
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    Most teenage interests as well as a dash of things like fanfiction (Neighbours, Harry Potter, Doctor Who) and I like politics (when interesting) and if the mood suits then a bit of poetry.

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  1. swine flu is lame :/

  2. Well done to everyone who's been involved I've browsed through the summaries many a time and the detail each summary has is impressive - particularly as there are now 4000 of them
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