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  1. Welcome back!!  :)

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    2. Bagpuss


      Hello board! Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf, Sal x

    3. twinkles


      Hello everyone, it's good to have you all back.  Thanks, Sal it's great :)


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      Thanks Sal, Great Work, The Board is looking great,

  2. No worries - I did suspect that a couple of you logged on at that time. Even if I'm never around to witness it myself.
  3. Just a quick update - we'll be offline for a couple of hours in the early hours of tomorrow morning (Monday 7th September) for some server maintenance. It'll be around 5am BST until about 7am BST. So don't be stunned if we appear offline during those hours; I do know, and we will be back. The Episodes site has also had a server switch, so if you notice anything awry with it, please let me know and I'll look into it. Cheers.
  4. TPTB definitely know they're there, and I know they've used them on occasion in the past. The Australian Screenwriters Guild is definitely aware of the archive and I sent them quite a lot of background information to help them piece together who wrote what for the show - and I know some of the writers link to us. There's someone, whose name slips my mind, has a direct link to his author page from his website.
  5. Just a little note of celebration that the summaries for 2014 are now complete, which brings us to 20 years completely summarised. A big thank you to all of the summarisers who worked on 2014 - it's a long task writing a summary, and so many of you do it week in, week out without saying a word. Additionally, a massive thank you to those who screen cap for us...the pictures are instrumental in illustrating the episodes, and I wouldn't be without them. Also a big thank you to Gaynor and Graham, who are both invaluable - in different ways - in keeping the archive running.
  6. Yeah, looks like we had a blip - sorry guys, I was at work and wasn't around.
  7. No worries; thanks for flagging it.
  8. Sorted now.
  9. Sorry, mate - will get this resolved for you.
  10. No worries - I hadn't looked for a while, but I will take a look at them this week when I'm off work.
  11. I've given the quotes a bit of a spring clean - thanks to everyone who has submitted; there's some brilliant ones in there. I was chuckling away to myself as I added them.
  12. Good to 'see' you again, mate! Yes, June of 04 was still Erins - we converted to Nfans in March of 05. It seems very odd that we did about 4 years and 4 months under Erins and we've been going for 9 and a half years now as Nfans. I remember us tipping over the 'half and half' milestone, but now Erins is a long way in the past. Where has the time gone?!
  13. It was definitely their end. What I do regret is not sending out a mass e-mail...I can't remember at the time why I didn't do it, but I should've. I think I sort of figured that people would find their way across eventually, but there wasn't Twitter and stuff like that back then, so although the hardcore bunch of posters found out and spread the word around, we still had people turning up 5 years later saying, "Oh my god, you're here!"
  14. Yeah, it wasn't the board software though - it was that the server collapsed under the strain of it, and the hosts didn't get it back up quickly. I think the fact that the site hadn't been renewed with them meant that they weren't that bothered, as we were leaving a week or so later.
  15. Good question! I seem to think that I deliberately plumped for the anniversary of the show...so yes, it could've been the 16th or the 14th or whatever, and I selected the 18th on purpose. It's all a bit in the dim and distant past now, but if I remember rightly, I was told that Erinsborough was closing its doors, and I was given the offer to continue the forum/site under a different name. I think I had a week or so to get the new site up and running - although I'm pretty certain that the writing had been on the wall for a while...and I made the decision to purchase the forum software (we'd been using a free version up until that point) and upgraded it...I had quite a bit of work to do on it, as I'd made LOTS of modifications to the original software when it was Erinsborough, and we wanted a lot of those features back. The biggest nightmare was that the hosting provider of Erinsborough suffered a catastrophic outage the week prior to us switching over, which meant a lot of people didn't find us / make the crossover. It wasn't at all deliberate - it was just an unbelievable stroke of bad luck...and it meant that we just started afresh...we were going to transfer a bunch of the topics etc, but in the end, with the host out for so long, it was easier to just take across the members database and begin again.