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  1. Hi, There's been quite a major upgrade to the board today. As well as some cosmetic changes, you will notice some new features - for example, some popular threads now have a summary of topic activity in thread view, with stats / popular posts / popular days / popular images in a bar on the right. I've deliberately not turned on everything in one go, so you may see new features appearing over time - but if you have any queries or concerns, let me know.
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  2. Thanks @Hawker, all looks great to me! One thing I almost asked about (but then found) is that the option to edit posts is now on the top right of the post as one of the options in the 'three dots' menu -- rather than down below as it used to be. Just thought I'd mention in case anyone is looking for it.
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  3. You should be able to enter emojis from your device - either from the keyboard installed, or by pressing the Windows Key + fullstop key on desktop. 👍
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  4. They look fine to me.
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  5. This might help. (I jest, I jest.) In all seriousness, I've taken a look at the site on a few different devices, using different skins and different levels of zoom - and they all look perfect. Please could you provide a screenshot so we can see what the issue is? (Or anyone else, if they're having the same problem.)
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  6. It looks so clean, fresh and modern. 💙
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  7. Thanks for the great tip. I love the fact it tells you where the unread replies are in the post. Very useful if you look away and turn back and can't remember if you've read a post.
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  8. Yeah, and you can search it - so, for example, if you use the shortcut and then type: grin - you'll get all the varieties that are the best match. 😀😁😸😺🤩😃😄😅😆
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  9. I never knew that was how you got emoji's Sal! <learn something new every day>
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  10. Thanks Hawker, the board looks great! Love seeing all the stats and popular posts.
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  11. Thanks @Hawker. It looks great!
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  13. Thanks for all your hard work in putting this together @Hawker
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