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  1. Huge kudos to @benjy for our new logo. It looks amazing!
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  2. Love the new logo Will have a poke around and see what else there is to discover. Thanks to all involved in this, it looks amazing!
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  3. Yup, the logo is ace. Thank you.
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  4. Thank you! The badges are cool, aren't they? I think we could have some fun coming up with new ones - and you've got one of the rare ones too! I know how it feels to feel intimidated; I tend to lurk elsewhere on the internet, so I really feel you - but all opinions are very welcome, and you are super welcome to post. I look forward to seeing your progress to Mentor!
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  5. Aww well done on all the changes/updates. The Board looks great. I do love my little achievement status thingie, and am well chuffed with all my badges. I know I don't post on here that often, but that's kinda because I'm a bit intimidated by the 'grand masters' (my issue, not theirs, as everyone is just lovely) and always feel like my opinion isn't as valid. But I am going to make an effort to post more so that I can get up to mentor status. LOL! I might even commit to the cause fully, and get myself a wee avatar.
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