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  1. Christine

    Oops - forgot to post this:
  2. Christine

    I probably shouldn't react - it's not good to feed trolls, but do you know what? The words 'stuffed' and 'get' spring to mind reading this and that's the polite version And if you hadn't already posted, Janet, I'd have been clicking on the 'preview' button and to Gaynor and Sal
  3. Galaxy chocolate caramel dessert - yum!

  4. Christine

    I've never even bothered to look at how many new posts are showing at the top of the page - it's not as though I'm going to read every one of them
  5. Christine

    Something which always confuses my mother and her sister, who lives in Noosa. It's guaranteed that at one or other UK time-change one of them will phone and wake the other up because they've forgotten about the time-change or got muddled up about which time the clocks have gone
  6. Happy birthday Christine :D

  7. Christine is a font of knowledge!


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