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  1. After the way he just put Kate in her place, Rhys is now my favourite character!

  2. are we supposed to like Kate?

  3. I really like Priya!

    1. Graham


      I think she's great as well!

  4. is it me or has Neighbours actually become quite good recently?!

  5. Sophie the voice of reason today when talking to Kate "God, you're so annoying"

  6. I'm beginning to think that Michael and possibly Tash had a traumatic experience at the sea side when she was young...

  7. Phew, I was getting worried! Thanks for the hard work getting it back online.
  8. Oo I like the one where Paul hires Tim Collins and a character we like hires Toadie so that they can battle in court. Thank God it happens every week.

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