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    Rachel Kinski Libby & Susan Kennedy Donna Freedman Ringo Brown Steph & Lyn Scully Nina Tucker Izzy Hoyland Chris Pappas Imogen Willis Liljana & Serena Bishop Sky Mangel Rebecca & Declan Napier
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    "You picked the one thing you knew would hurt me the most... you're having his baby!" - Libby Kennedy - 2010"It's disgusting, you're my cousin!" - Sky Mangel - 2005"We all know you can rant and rave but what we want to know is, can you fetch and beg?" Susan Kennedy - 2005"I am not just a kid, Angus I was your lover" Rachel Kinski - 2008Why don;t you slink back to whatever panel van you just climbed out of!" - Serena Bishop - 2005
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Neighbours fan since 2003.


Favourite seasons are as followed.


  1. 2008 - Best moment(s) Bushfire, Rachel's student/teacher relationship fallout, introduction of Donna.
  2. 2007 - Best moment(s) Revamp, Susan's MS diagnosis, return of Libby & the roof party collapse.
  3. 2010 - Best moment(s) Steph's baby lie/fallout with Libby/killing Ringo/going to Jail.
  4. 2004 - Best moment(s) IZZY. 2004 season finale.
  5. 2003 - Best moment(s) IZZY. Nina Tucker, Dee's death and the arrival of Sky and the Bishops.
  6. 2009 - Best moment(s) Bridget's Death, Kennedy family grief over Zeke, Lyn vs Rebecca fight.
  7. 2020 - Best moment(s) 35th Anniversary episodes and Dee's return episodes
  8. 2005 - Best moment(s) IZZY. The Plane crash and the 20th Anniversary episodes.
  9. 2013 - Best moment(s) Wedding explosion, Steph's return, the Eclipse & Imogen's eating disorder.
  10. 2019 - Best moment(s) Sonya's cancer and death.
  11. 2017 - Best moment(s) "Dee's" return. Sonya's relapse
  12. 2018 - Best moment(s) Izzy's return, David & Aaron's wedding and the downfall of Sonya by Alice/Heather.
  13. 2006 - Best moment(s) Hospital fire and Max's mental health.
  14. 2016 - Best moment(s) Lassiter's explosion and the arrival of Xanthe
  15. 2015 - Best moment(s) 3 hander episode. School fire, Steph's return and the 30th Anniversary episodes.
  16. 2014 - Best moment(s) Rebecca's return, Kate's death, the tornado and the arrival of Paige.
  17. 2011 - Best moment(s) Rebecca fights against Paul. Tash lies about her pregnancy.
  18. 2012 - Best moment(s) Chris and Aidan and the Teen Car Crash.
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