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  1. yay Xmas countdown, and a week to go until advent calenders. :-)

  2. JA_

    that I can't go out, on Sunday I dared not come home, but they were waiting at the door on Sunday morning to chide me on my lack of respect for my elders. I could not find the decency within myself to phone them to let them know I wouldn't be home, but I thought it was pretty decent to spare them a drunken phonecall at 2am. LOL. FGS I am a 23yo adult, capable of making my own choices, thus

  3. JA_

    I am a financial services customer rep. I.e. I give out money to those needing credit. ;)

    Yes I am at work, I am usually not alone, but today I am, so I am BORED! and taking the liberty of using company PC's. Boy trouble and grey hair does not sound like fun, *hugs* I have neither of these problems to conted with atm, but that could be because my parents moan at me and tell me

  4. JA_


    I miss you a million, hope that you are OK!!! I miss the gossip. :( The other night when I was out, I forgot that I was drinking doubles, so after 6 drinks Louise and I decided that it would be fun to clear the floor in the club so that everyone could watch us perform to the Dirty Dancing megamix!! It made me think of you LOL.

    Love you xxxx

  5. What do you mean that you can read them on the front page? I am confused. Will call when I am good and ready! :p unless you can't bear to spend a minute longer waiting to hear my lovely voice. :p

  6. It's strange that you never see comments on profiles anymore isn't it. So I shall sing you a song...'I wanna....' Actually those lyrics will get me banned :p love you xx

  7. I must say I *LOVE* your user pic. LMAO

  8. Ah you don't want to get all mushy on the board, it's just embarrasing! ;)

    Oh and I love you. xx

  9. Yo, I am your first comment. How priveleged am I. I don't really have anything to say unfortunately.

  10. JA_

    Aww my first friend. :)

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