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  1. hey people this is all interesting isn't it?

  2. This thread makes me feel old I think I have a photo from around that time, but I'm not sure where it is right now. If I can find it, I'll send it in
  3. Yes, well done everyone. Great job.
  4. I think I can accommodate one for you! Oh I'm so happy, it's wrong! Thanks
  5. I think the board 'feels' more mature now. Sal, when you're doing the new banner, any chance of using a Brushstroke logo? Spoiler! --Click here to view-- I can't believe it's gone :,(
  6. What do you mean that you can read them on the front page? I am confused. Will call when I am good and ready! :p unless you can't bear to spend a minute longer waiting to hear my lovely voice. :p

  7. It's strange that you never see comments on profiles anymore isn't it. So I shall sing you a song...'I wanna....' Actually those lyrics will get me banned :p love you xx

  8. Ah you don't want to get all mushy on the board, it's just embarrasing! ;)

    Oh and I love you. xx

  9. Aww how sweet. I should reciprocate really.

    Nothing to say? How about 'I love you/??

  10. Yo, I am your first comment. How priveleged am I. I don't really have anything to say unfortunately.

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