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I was trying to think how to start this post...but I can't think of anything witty or iconic - so I'll just jump to the nitty gritty.


There's very little change between here and the set up on Erins. A few of the user ranks have changed - Mods are now Staff and the Summariser group has been altered to Contributor, in order to allow us to reflect the effort put in over different areas of the board rather than focusing upon the one feature.


The forums are identical, apart from Comments and Suggestions being given a re-name (it's now Questions & Ideas).


This is a new version of Invision - we were running 1.3 but I've purchased 2.0.3. There are a couple of changes and of course, any hacks we had on the old board aren't on this one.


You can change skin colours - the default is blue but if you look at the bottom of the forum, you can change to red or to green.


PMs don't pop up anymore. Instead, they appear "inside" the board - at the top of the forum. I have re-installed the hack to put up a red "x NEW MESSAGES" sign at the top to help you get used to the new system.


Quote of the Moment is back - but there's literally thousands of quotes to be added (I was shocked at the amount we've got) - so bear with us whilst those are re-instated. Feel free to add any new ones though!


Quoting in threads is different. If you wish to quote one post, hit the small reply button at the bottom of that post. If you wish to quote lots of posts, hit the quote button on each post. Then, at the bottom of the thread, hit the main reply button. All of the quotes will appear in the reply box.


You can now search within threads - at the foot of each thread, there's a search box. This is in addition to being able to search in one forum, multiple forums or the whole board.


Online/offline indicators are displayed as you post - and there's also a gender and flag hack, so people can easily see your gender and where you're from. I apologise in advance to those of us in the UK - there weren't any separate flags for the individual countries (I'm as gutted - I wanted an England one) - so for the time being the Union Jack was the best I could do. If you're from a country who hasn't got a flag, let me know and I'll try and sort one out for you.


The profile page now allows you to search for every topic a member has started - not just all of their posts. The ignore user facility has been disabled, strangely enough. ;)


Everything else, I think is cosmetic - for example, the spoiler tag is a bit more attractive.


These forums have gone up fairly rapidly, so be prepared for the odd change in the future as we tidy things up and re-group over here. My thanks to all those who've helped - the troubleshooting over the last couple of days has been invaluable.


And thanks for coming over! :hug:


(PS. Happy 20th Birthday, Neighbours!)

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Well done Sal and all the guys who helped her out. You must have worked your socks off, I didn't expect my avatar, post count and everything to be in check straight away!! Good work!


Now I'm off to look around!! :blushing:

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Thanks Sal, and to all your staff, for your hard work. The board looks fantastic. You have done a great job. ;)

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Thanks Sal - you're a legend! :hug:


And Happy Birthday Neighbours! <blows party whistle and dons party hat...>

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Brilliant Sal - thanks for creating this lovely location for us! I love the banner and the site name. It all looks great!

See you around...

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I agree with Morrish - this has all happened so fast it's a bit surreal!


Thank goodness for you, though, Sal! :hug:

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Thanks for all your hard work Sal, and everyone else involved.


The place looks great and I'm also off to have a wee look about. :lol:

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Biggest thanks to Sal and everyone else who helped with the new forum - it looks absolutely wonderful. :). :wub:

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Looks great, looking forward to posting here. :rolleyes:

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Aww Sal you're an absolute godsend, thank you and everyone who helped with this so much, you're absolute angels the lot of you! :hug:

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This place is wonderful! I'm kinda a total newbie, I couldn't register at the other place but got to read through most of it, so it's gonna be fun finallly chatting to you all! I'll intro myself properly in the proper place later! Fab job though!


Lolita xxx

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