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  1. Great to 'see' you too, Sal! I was 14 when I joined and I have to say it was so great (and kind of a relief to be honest) that there were other people who were obsessed, or more so, with something as much as I was. There's always a great community spirit on here, not to mention when going through my teens this place taught me some good and proper SPAG (which has been flagging of late)
  2. Wow, 9 years. A big congratualtions to Sal. It's been a while since I've been an active user on here but it's nice to see some of the regulars, plus some new ones, still around. I joined in June of '04, which is when it was still it was E.Net I believe? I think I remember one of the first topics I posted. I think I accidentally posted it in the wrong forum area so it got moved (a rather random memory, I know). Here's to many more years to come!
  3. I want your avie! Wait wahts my avie now? I can't oh wait thats it Rosie and Pepper, I want your one. argh...:D

  4. Was that when they were both in the hospital rubbish bins trying to find hospital paperwork about the paternity of their babies? I'd love to know what episode number that is, Jack. If you know it?
  5. Well done to everyone involved!
  6. Haha! Sorry I never replied to your drunken PM. Hope you had a good time wherever you were. Hope you're well? Did your avatars get uploaded in the end? x x

  7. The Pirate fun was, er, fun! Could be I changed back to Jammers please?
  8. I love thw fact that words seem to be more spread out and so therefore easier to read. Or is that just me? I wasn't sure about the change at first but I've gotten used to it now. It looks very modern and as others have said, 'classy'.
  9. Jamie

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!! :-D

  10. Hey! It's been ages since I've chatted to you! How have you been Jamie hon? I've been well, just got back to uni after Easter break. Hope to catch up soon. :)

  11. heyyy...I should really get my tapes off you someday...I bet they take up loads of room. I will get them soon though because I need a Tess fix!

  12. Add me as a friend you bint! lol. Comment virginity taken. Chat on msn later, errrm as always. x x

  13. Waheeey Lou. Comment virginity - I have taken. :p

  14. I remember that. I think some people did actually find it didn't they? Happy 1st Birthday NF.Com! Here's for another year!
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