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Okay, I'll swear that a few days ago I clicked on a Change Photo option and I could do it but decided to sort it out later.But now I'm trying to do it and I can't find the option and maybe it's because I'm not a subscriber but has something been turned off in the last few days or am I just too stupid to find it or am I just going crazy?

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Changing your profile picture is something that is only available when you subscribe to the board.

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Was that before or after the board upgrade last weekend. I believe it was available to everyone on the old software but is now only available to subscribers and staff now. But becoming a subscriber is cheap, there are lots of subscriber perks and it helps Sal find the hundreds of pounds each year it costs to keep the board online. New software and server space/bandwidth don't pay for themselves.

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Was that before or after the board upgrade last weekend.


It's only since the board upgrade.

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The only way at present is to become a subscriber, unfortunately the option to change your photo is not currently available to non subscribers. The good news is that becoming a subscriber is easy, cheap, comes with lots of subscriber perks and really helps Sal find the hundreds of pounds each year that it costs just to keep the board online. Bandwidth and server space are not cheap. If you would be interested in becoming a subscriber, please click subscriptions at the top of the page for more information.

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Just an Idea, but would it be possible to have a random picture feature similar to the random quote system but that pulls a random picture out of the gallery in the archives and displays it on the board?


I asked this a couple of years ago, but now you have upgraded your bandwidth package is this now a possibility?


Just a thought.....

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