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Welcome back!

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Welcome back to the board...


...I know lots of things aren't quite right on it, but I decided it was kinder to open it back up and let you all play for a bit rather than keeping it locked all night (especially as I need to run out to buy my tea and eat it, so I won't be working on it for an hour or so :)).


So yes, there is more to come - but enjoy having a look around.


Don't worry, lots of things will change still. :)

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How do I change my avatar please? I can't find the pictures in my profile.

Avatars are an issue Sal will need to deal with separately. :)


Thanks for answering that question, I had the same issue as well.


Overall, well done Hawker! It looks good and I think I'll adjust to it well. It always feels weird when it looks different initially.

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Loving the new Software Sal, Well done, thanks for all your hard work.

I'm loving that the random quotes are back!

Also loving the new Online Users list , although would it be possible to block Google and Guest from appearing on the full list, it is difficult to see the wood from the trees with them on it.

I'm still reserving judgment on the "Like This" button, I hope it doesn't take conversation away from the boards.

Just an Idea, but would it be possible to have a random picture feature similar to the random quote system but that pulls a random picture out of the gallery in the archives and displays it on the board?


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No worries, Chris - thanks for your comments. :)


I've had a good look for you, and it seems that the software is setup to display guests - at most, I can remove them from active users (which I have done) but when you click further in to the online user list, they display again.


You can filter them out by using the drop down menu at the foot of online users - go to Sort by: and choose "Show Registered Only" in the centre drop down. I know it's not ideal, but it's a start. :)


As for the image, I would suggest it is potentially possible although I am hesitant as I think it would destroy our bandwidth. It's a nice idea though; maybe it can be implemented in some way in the future....leave it with me. :)

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Very nice, very nice :D


Just wondering, would it be possible to have the forum ranking moved below the profile picture? It looks very out of place above the profile pic.


Glad Nfans has finally upgraded to the new software. Gotta love new and shiny things.

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Due to changes in the software behind the board, the handling of avatars is now different. At the moment people just have to do without one unless they're a subscriber, in which case they can upload a picture themself. Sal is looking at options for bringing back avatars in due course. You can find out how to subscribe here. :)

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The Avatars are offline at the moment because the new software does not support them. Sal has got to find/write a patch to fix this which will take a while. The software defaults to showing your profile picture which you will have uploaded to your profile previously. If you are a subscriber you can change this picture by clicking on your name at the top of the page, then clicking on My Settings, then clicking on change my photo under general account settings. If you are not a subscriber, you will have to wait until Sal finds a solution, or consider becoming a subscriber, it is cheap, there are lots of subscriber perks and you will be helping Sal find the hundreds of pounds a year it costs to keep the board online, New Software and server space/bandwidth don't pay for themselves! If you are interested in becoming a subscriber click on subscriptions at the top of the page to view the different subscriber packages.

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