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Quotes - adding to the Random Quotes system


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Ah, okay. I'll go and delete it from the quote queue. :)


I was confused because it just looks like the sort of thing Ian would want in the quote system - not like something he was trying to quote in thread! :lol:


ETA: Ah, I've just found the quote you mean, Ian. Not the one I quoted above (which I've deleted now - sorry!).


I will delete the correct one and if you can re-submit the other one I'll approve it for you. :)

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I think I got a bit confused today. I tried to quote a post and ended up adding it to the quotes page... somehow. :shrug::wallbang:

It's because the quote manager helpfully adds a 'quote this' button to the board, and if you're looking for the 'quote' button, they're quite similar.


The quote button you're after is on the right. :)


I will look at the quote instructions but I am a bit short on time at the moment, so no promises it will be soon.

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Is it possible for the quotes to be uploaded to the board? I uploaded some a few weeks ago and now I've found a few more to add, but I think I may have already submitted some of them. Obviously, no real rush as I know you are both busy.

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I'm working through them, but it's a really really slow process (not that I've touched them until tonight, to be fair).


I know it's a bit awkward trying to get them all to conform to one standard, and I do appreciate that everyone is trying, but nearly every single one is missing something that I put into my post.


The board uses a wysiwyg editor nowadays, so when you copy and paste from old sources, it retains all of the formatting - so even ones that are very close to being bang on have got stray size tags in (making the text much bigger in some places), or even just lots of trailling returns (which would make the quote huge on the board). Copy and pasting it into something like Notepad first would get rid of some of those issues.


I really appreciate everyone putting quotes in, because that's what makes the quotes system awesome - it's a bit pants when there are only a few quotes in it, but it is a hard slog to approve them when they're not quite right (which is why I've been avoiding it for so long).

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Thanks for approving them, Sal :) Could you perhaps put a link to the opening post in the quote submit site? It would make things a lot easier, instead of having to search for this thread every time. As it is now, you don't see anywhere on that form that the quotes have to be a certain format, so people might not even know. You could also give staff the right to approve them, dividing the work.


Out of curiosity, was there anything wrong with the quotes I submitted? I thought I'd followed the instructions, but it'd be helpful to know if I missed something, for future quote submissions :)

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Ah, sorry, I didn't realise it was a slow process, I didn't mean to chase.


I thought it might just be a quick button to press. We really appreciate all the hard work you do behind the scenes, you do it so smoothly and efficiently it's easy for us to forget sometimes.

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Sal, not sure if you get notification when quotes are added... I added quite a few several weeks ago. I realized afterwards that I should have been bolding the names; sorry about that! I've got some more to add but wanted to make sure these are OK first.

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