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2014 Complete


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While 20 years are completed in their entirety, lots of other years a partially completed too - in fact the archive is 94% complete now - just 423 episodes left to summarise :)


Well done everyone! I started summarising in 2004 I think :o

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20 completed years :o And just 423 left to finish! Amazing!

Well done everyone who's helped construct this one-of-a-kind archive :celebrate: Many other shows have similar archives, but getting up to over 7000 episodes, and with screen caps too, must be truly unique.

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TPTB definitely know they're there, and I know they've used them on occasion in the past. The Australian Screenwriters Guild is definitely aware of the archive and I sent them quite a lot of background information to help them piece together who wrote what for the show - and I know some of the writers link to us. There's someone, whose name slips my mind, has a direct link to his author page from his website. :)

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That's awesome! :) I was only aware of a summary being referenced in the papers a while ago. Thanks for the info.


I'm sure the board will earn some sort of special Logie one day... Biggest die-hard fan base or something ;)

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It was a pleasure to do so many summaries last year. I do realise my small contribution is nothing compared to all the summaries done over the last few years. Well done everyone!


In the future I would like to return to summarising weekly but it isn't possible at the moment.

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